In local news: Le Roy High School students suffering from mysterious illness

Up to 15 students at Le Roy High School in Le Roy, N.Y. about 60 miles west of Geneseo, have been stricken by a mysterious illness, coming down with symptomes including Tourette's-like tics and outbursts.  The cause of the illness is unknown.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, environmental and health groups have asked federal agencies to undertake an environmental investigation. 

There are numerous possible sources of contamination, including five natural gas wells and three areas where toxic chemicals were released in the past. One of the locations, the site of a train derailment in 1970, is only three miles from the school. 

Indoor air tests were performed in the school in December and results came back negative. Officials are certain that the school is safe and had no role in the outbreak.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, neurologists who've treated the students believe they're suffering from "a group psychological problem that manifests itself with physical symptoms."