GSTV purchases incorrect equipment; no money lost, replacements soon to come

Last semester, Geneseo Student Television was allotted about $7,500 from the Student Association for new equipment to keep the station up to date on technologies.

Instead of buying the equipment necessary for the station's needs, three cameras for micro-surgery and security purposes were mistakenly purchased.

According to Sam White, general manager of GSTV, he understands how the mistake could have been made, considering the cameras were advertised by SONY as state of the art and were in the same price range as the cameras needed.

"It was a human mistake," said White. "Stuff happens [and] people make mistakes … but I'm not worried about GSTV being able to move forward."

White also stressed that the e-board and the rest of the GSTV "are still learning" and that this issue is "truly a non-story."

Although GSTV is in communication with the company working out a swap for the appropriate equipment, the directors of SA said they are both disappointed and frustrated with the situation.

Carly Annable, director of Inter-Residence Affairs on SA, said the major reason for SA's disappointment is because when GSTV began asking for money, they said that all the research had been done for the reading, and $7,500 is a lot of money to have asked for and then have bought the wrong equipment.

The SA directors also asked a lot of questions making sure GSTV had all of their research compiled, for which they had two weeks to prepare.

For now, it looks like GSTV will be able to swap the equipment without any extra costs. Had the company asked for more money, SA would have had to pay 15 percent for restocking charges, which would add up to a little over $1,000.

Even with the situation at hand, Annable said that SA "[hopes] that GSTV continues [to] improve its organization and [produce] quality entertainment."

The new cameras should be arriving in the next month, only putting GSTV a few weeks behind schedule.

White said that regular programming will continue for a few episodes with the old cameras, but with the new cameras, "GSTV will look and sound better" shortly.