Winter blues? Try some stone cold DIY creativity!

Welcome Back DIY-ers! Let's break up those wintery blues with some tricks to keep you and your things warm and dry for the next few months of chilly weather:

1. Slick socks.

Take a pair of old or mismatched long socks and use them to keep your wipers free from ice. Just slip them over the wiper blades the night before a storm to prevent ice from building up on them and delaying your morning.

2. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a sweater.

Everyone piles on the warmth up here at Geneseo with thick sweaters and socks. To maintain their softness, add a few teaspoons of vinegar to your laundry load's wash cycle.

3. Stop Static.

Static can be a pain for your hair, clothes and even your hands when the doorknob gives you a shock! Keep away the cling by sliding a dryer sheet over your clothes or hair.

4. Recipe for ice-cellence.

If you're one of the lucky students whose landlord shovels your driveway for you, or you live on campus, no need to worry. But if you need to DIY, spray your shovel with cooking spray on both sides to help the ice slide right easily. 

5. Buff your booties.

Have you ever seen someone walking around in those totally impractical, yet adorable suede moccasins? Of course you have, and you're totally jealous – minus those gross salt stains. Now you can erase them with an emery board! Grab the nearest nail file and rub away the stain.