SA budget stable

According to the Student Association executive board, the SA budget and reserves are stable at present. SA estimated that after the spring concert is paid for there will be around $287,000 for spring spending. 

"We will definitely have enough to fund any events in the upcoming year," said senior Tyler Ocon, vice president of SA. "With the money that we already have, along with the budget increases throughout the year, we're in pretty good shape."

SA President Nick Spengler said that although there will be some money left over this year, it's not a problem because the great majority of the budget will be utilized.

"From 2009-2010 we added five new clubs, the next year we added four new clubs and this year three," Spengler said, adding that SA will ensure that these clubs are funded without going over the fixed budget.

According to Ocon, reserve funds, set aside for future use, are stable. Last year, SA dipped into the reserves to pay for Ke$ha and this year $20,000 were taken from reserves for the spring 2012 concert. 

"This year we're trying to build them back up," said Ocon. "We only had to dip into them once so far this year, so we still have a good amount of money in there." 

After allocating the $20,000 to the concert budget, the reserve budget was left at about $8,000. 

Spengler said that SA is still trying to cut back at the budget review and that they are in good financial standing, and they will have enough money to fund events into the foreseeable future.