AAC to hold Professor Recognition Ceremony

Hurry up and get your nominations in! Since December, faculty, staff and students have had the chance to nominate a favorite Geneseo professor to be recognized, but that opportunity will come to a close on Monday Jan. 30.

So far, 200 nominations have been submitted, breaking past years' records.  In the past, only faculty and staff have had the opportunity to nominate professors, usually collecting approximately five nominations.

This year, David Parfitt of the Teaching and Learning Center, junior Iwona Drapala, communications director of the Academic Affairs Committee, and senior Michael Vaughn, vice chair of the AAC, decided to collaborate in order to extend the opportunity to students, allowing a larger range of nominations. Thanks to these affiliates as well as committee members, senior Gretchen Guzman, junior Saskia Talay, sophomores Rebecca Fitzgerald and Sarah Kucharski, and freshmanAlyssa Stefanese, the event will be larger than ever.

The ceremony will recognize four esteemed professors from Geneseo. Each recognized professor will receive a certificate of excellence as well as a display case in the library to their liking. 

To vote for your favorite professor, go to www.geneseo.edu/survey/15719/lang-en. The event, which will take place on April 25, will include a speech from President Christopher Dahl.  There is no admission fee and anyone is welcome to attend.