Happy holi-DIYs! Decorate on a budget with these tips

Happy holidays, my handy DIY-ers! To get you in the mood for the holiday season and help you procrastinate on studying for finals, I've put together some tips to warm up your home for the last few weeks of the semester.

1. Wreath warmth.

Give guests the welcoming warmth of the holidays by hanging a wreath on your front door. One option is to use gift-wrap: Cut a hoop out of cardboard or even a paper plate and cover with star-shaped ribbons. For a more personal approach, buy a plain twig wreath and leave markers and mini cards next to it. Guests, visitors, roommates and friends can fill out wishes for the season or the New Year and stick them in the branches!

2. Wrap it out!

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on wrapping paper, go green by wrapping presents in old newspapers or magazines with neon ribbon to make the colors pop.

3. Balls and bulbs.

Fill unused bowls, jars and vases with ornament balls missing their tops or hooks and light bulbs that no longer work. It's the decorations of misfit tools!

4. A blizzard of baked goods.

Since the cupcakes will get eaten in about five minutes anyway, skip to the wrappers! Cut up white paper cupcake liners into snowflakes to completely cover your room in a snowstorm of sweet goodness.

5. A salty, sweet throwback that's good for your gums!

Use dental floss and an oversized needle for some heavy duty "thread" to make the mandatory, old-fashioned popcorn garland. Go for original butter, caramel-covered, or low fat if your décor is on a diet.

6. Let it snow, let it snow, let it marshmallow!

Put a smaller vase inside a larger one, or just throw an extra plastic cup in there. The flowers go in the inside vase, and dozens upon dozens of mini marshmallows in the large vase. The flower stems will be hidden by the sugary treats, and their puffy whiteness lends a snowy feel to the whole arrangement. 

7. Sweater-boxed-sweater!

Photocopy clothing patterns from scarves, plaid shirts and sweaters to make creative, quirky wrapping paper for your sure-to-be well-thought-out, original gifts.u