GSTV receives $8,365.70 from SA

On Wednesday Nov. 30, Geneseo Student Television was granted $8,365.70 by the Student Association Executive Committee for three professional video cameras and a modulator for their station.

In the first week of readings on Wednesday Nov. 16, the GSTV station manager, junior Sam White, said that the station's current clarity was unacceptable and that the output quality lowers viewers and club membership. 

White also stated that while the cameras and modulator will improve the station, more equipment requires replacement to get the system up-to-date. The SA Executive Committee asked for an explicit plan from GSTV to help them determine projected costs of the overhaul. White said he was hesitant to do so because it would be hard to accurately estimate costs and needs with the ever-changing nature of technology, but eventually agreed.

Many people at the SA meeting expressed concern that new equipment wouldn't be enough to increase GSTV's appeal to the student audience. The SA Executive Committee requested GSTV bring other ideas to increase the station's quality to supplement the new equipment.

A two-year plan was presented on the second week of readings on Nov. 30 that called for new specified equipment to be bought every semester. The organization said they would start a public relations campaign that would include posters and social media. GSTV also put forth new show ideas to bring to campus such as "Geneseo Cribz," a game show called "Sabotage," "Punk'd" and scripted shows featuring theater majors as actors.

From a purely financial standpoint, the $8,365 investment is a big decision; last year SA went $109,000 over budget. The two-year projected plan was said to help calm resistance from the SA Executive Committee. 

"It makes it easy for us to budget, especially with the deficit," said junior Justin Shapiro, director of Academic Affairs Committee. 

"The fact that they took our requests seriously and brought the plan and sample ideas shows the organization is turning around," said junior Carly Annable, director of Inter-Residence Affairs. "I hope with the new technology they will continue that process."

Within GSTV, the direction of the station led by White is clear. 

"Last year we were disorganized," said Madeline Krautsak, public relations coordinator of GSTV. "It feels like a complete overhaul of the station." She said that the organization could realistically produce two or three new shows by May and increase its relevance across the Geneseo campus.