Choral groups unite for “Schüne Chormusik”

Sunday Dec. 4 showcased "Schüne Chormusik," the last choral concert of the semester, featuring the Spectrum Women's Ensemble, Chamber Singers and String Band.

"Schüne Chormusik" wasn't a traditional vocal concert but that's what made the event so special. Each chorus had more than the usual pianist on accompaniment and the songs were shorter, providing more variety in content for the audience to enjoy. 

The String Band played first, welcoming the audience with a few traditional holiday medleys. The band set the mood and heightened the anticipation for the Spectrum Women's Ensemble to take the stage.

After the first few songs it became clear that the Spectrum's sound has matured since its first concert. Accompanied by harpist Barbara Dechario, the women sang with a high energy that helped maintain their beautiful sound. 

The performance did, however, leave room for improvement. The sopranos occasionally overpowered the altos and a few entrances needed clarity. The two sections were not unified in their consonant attacks, either, almost to the point of creating four or five sections at once.

During an informal intermission, the String Band returned to the stage to play its main pieces, continuing to provide enjoyment with its unique combination of instruments. 

The Chamber Singers took the stage for the second half of the performance, accompanied by a small orchestra.

In collaboration with each instrument, the singers kept the same energy as the Spectrum Ensemble, and even added to it. Despite singing more classical and less recognizable songs, the choir commanded attention and held it.

Compared to previous concerts, the Chamber Singers stepped up the unity of their sound. The men and women did not have to push to keep on par with each other – a truly great trait. This blend was even strengthened by the clear-cut consonants and vowels, rendering each word crisp.

Throughout the performance, four soloists and one duet held the spotlight. Based on their moments of fame it is clear that each member of the choir is held to high standards that they strive to uphold. 

"It's an honor to be able to work with so many talented musicians," said freshman soloist Jane Coons. "I learn so much at each and every rehearsal."u