SDT, Phi Kapp host Dodgeball for A.L.L.

Before Thanksgiving break, the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau sorority and the brothers of Phi Kappa Chi fraternity came together to host a tournament of Geneseo's most deadly sport – dodgeball.

The "Dodgeball for A.L.L." event was a collaboration between the groups that benefitted the Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L. foundation. The charity raises awareness about acute lymphocytic leukemia in addition to funding research and supporting the victims of the disease. Hirsch, a victim of the disease who died in 2008, was a sister of Sigma Delta Tau who graduated from Geneseo in 2007.

The event, which has been held for the past three years, drew about ten different eight-person teams and many onlookers to Kuhl Gym. Members of Sigma Delta Tau and Phi Kappa Chi both fielded multiple teams, as did other groups, such as the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu and Omega Beta Psi and members of the men's rugby team.

"Going against guys' teams was a little intimidating but we were extremely tough and weren't afraid of anything," said junior Jackie Roulette, a sister of Sigma Delta Tau.

Though brave, the women's teams didn't fare so well, and the final game was between the undefeated Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammies) team and a Phi Kappa Chi side. Phi Kappa Chi needed two consecutive victories to win, achieved in a final bout that lasted well-over 20 minutes.

Curiously, there was also a "best dressed" award that went to men's rugby, who came donned in a weird assortment of one-piece jumpsuits, capes and shorts that were just a little too tight.

"Yeah, we probably look a little strange but if it draws more people to support a great cause and have a good time, we're all for it," said junior Matthew Silfer.

At the end of the day, the cause did mean more than the competition, and both groups intend to run the event for years to come.

"It was great seeing so many people show up and support us," said junior and Sigma Delta Tau sister Sarah Flannery. "Although, the best part of the day was knocking someone else out."