Bland baked goods begone! Try these DIY tips to brighten your sweets

It's that time of year when everyone dreams of the upcoming holidays and all of the delicious treats that come with them. Sometimes we just don't have the creative flair to decorate our baked goods, but never fear, because DIY Dee is here to help solve your decorating disasters!

1. Wax on, wax off.

Avoid annoying wax drops on your cakes or cupcakes by sticking the bottom of a birthday candle into a mini marshmallow. It will catch any runners from the candle and keep your frosting fresh and clean!

2. It's the icing-capades!

Managed to pick up all the ingredients for your cake, but forgot the icing? Don't worry, you can easily, and with a lot less mess, replace the icing on cake with powdered sugar. Place a paper doily on top of your cake and shake powdered sugar over the top of it. Carefully remove the doily for a beautiful cake topper. Just don't sneeze!

3. I scream for ice cream.

While some of us are fans of ice cream cake, others prefer a simple yellow cake or even cupcakes. Well, have your cupcake and eat it too, with this no mess solution. Bake your cupcakes inside ice cream cones! Not only are they easier to ice and decorate, they're fun to eat and easy to hold on to as well.

4. I heart you.

When you're looking for a festive holiday decoration for your baked good, especially cupcakes, save yourself time and energy by buying a box of mini candy canes. You can place them back to back to make little hearts! Nothing like love and candy on a sweet cupcake, right? Yum!

5. Cookie Cutter perfection.

Dazzle your friends and family with picture-perfect sugar sprinkle decorations. Gently place cookie cutters on top of your dessert, and pour some colored sugar or sprinkles inside; then remove the cookie cutter and voilà, you leave behind perfectly shaped designs.

6. Boxed, bagged or bought?

If you're low on supplies, you're not alone. Instead of wasting money, pull out a Ziploc bag and cut the tip of one corner off. Dump all of your icing in and zip the bag closed. You can now decorate to your heart's desire and even throw it all out when you're done!