Carry containers for cheap: Put boxes and Tupperware to good use

Please, try to contain yourselves. I'm back this week to bring you some clever container-organizing tips to help keep track of your belongings:

1. Splish, splash, the camera's takin' a bath!

Since you know you won't use it, take that plastic soap container your mom made you bring to school and stick your digital camera inside. It will be safe from scratches, crumbs and being crushed in an oversized purse.

2. Follow the doctors' orders.

If you've ever had to take medication for a few days in a row, or needed Advil and haven't had a bottle, you know the pain of not having those capsules on hand. Instead of paying too much for a travel-sized bottle, use a leftover contact case to store your medicine or vitamins.

3. Easter already? But we just finished Halloween!

You don't need to wait for spring to take advantage of this fun, festive and colorful tip. Use last year's plastic Easter eggs as a serving-sized snack container.

4. Yes, I'd like my cupcakes gift wrapped, please.

It's always a pain to transport and serve cupcakes – the icing gets on your fingers, not all the cupcakes fit on your tray or you slip and squish the decorations on your foil covering. Instead, cut small X's into a garment box, and place cupcakes inside, separated and safe!

5. Sunglasses with mittens? Fashion faux pas!

If you've ever lost a mitten, you know how annoying it is to hold on to the mismatched one. Take advantage of its soft wool to protect your sunglasses from getting nicked or broken.

6. A sip of soup.

Although soup is delicious to eat on brisk fall days, it's a pain to have to store. Instead of a large Tupperware, scoop your soup into Ziploc bags to have ready to microwave, perfectly portioned servings that you can easily stack horizontally in the freezer.

7. Caesar, Italian and Ranch, oh my!

Instead of making your lunch salad wilted with the dressing, keep it separated until you're ready to use it with a shampoo bottle. Use a travel-sized bottle – washed out of course – to have your salad and dress it too!