Letter to the Editor: Occupy protestors are not as innocent as they are portrayed in the media

I am writing in response to senior Editor-in-Chief Jesse Goldberg's article from Nov. 3, "Police violence at Occupy Oakland unacceptable." I feel, Mr. Goldberg, that your article is incredibly biased. You did not tell the major details and left out what the protesters were doing wrong.

 The First Amendment states, "The right of the people to peacefully assemble." How is throwing concrete blocks at a police officer peaceful? When Occupy Oakland took over a building that they did not own, police were brought in to escort them out, which is when the protesters inside started throwing rocks and other projectiles at the police who then used tear gas. I think the police responded correctly. I do send my prayers to the family of Scott Olsen - the Iraq war veteran who was critically injured in the conflict - but if you watch videos of what happened a minute before his injuries were sustained, you'll see he was pushed in the way of the container.

 I would just like you to look at the evidence and tell me that the occupiers are completely innocent. You condemn the police for their actions, but have you ever stopped to research what the protesters did to have caused that reaction? Do a quick Google search, "Occupy Oakland pictures that won't make MSM (Main Stream Media)" and the website you'll find is michellemalkin.com. Now please, how can anyone condone what is being done? These are all criminal acts, and because of the lack of structure and organization of the Occupy movement the organization can deny that they had any involvement with the broken windows or graffiti. They are also bringing their kids into the mess, which honestly - what type of person does that? Shouldn't kids be in school?

Now, let's go to Zuccotti Park in New York City where Occupy Wall Street is taking place. Google search, "Occupiers terrorize us: eatery." The occupiers are tormenting this woman even though she's a small business owner. The Occupy movement does not care who you are; if you own a business, you are the enemy. Many believe that the protesters should be considered rioters because they break the law and are disrespectful to the other citizens of the "99 percent" that do not stand beside them protesting.

  I am not saying the police are role models but you are making them out to be the most horrendous people who are walking this earth. At the exact same time you are showing just how biased the media is with your portrayal of the ever-innocent occupiers. Next time, before you write so negatively about the police think about this: A police officer will lay down his own life to protect a complete stranger, would you?

                   -Christopher Lehman, Class of 2014