Orchesis showcases student dancers

On Sunday Oct. 30, Geneseo's dance organization Orchesis presented its fall showcase "Beyond the Studio Mirrors" in Wadsworth Auditorium. The house was packed with parents, friends and community members eagerly awaiting the student-choreographed production.

The show opened with the energetic number "See You Dance," choreographed by freshman Michelle Graham. The hip-hop routine showcased the dancers' breakdancing abilities and general talent in the particular genre. Although the execution proved impressive, the repetitive nature of the song was a bit monotonous, especially for an opening number.

The most unique aspect of the showcase was the vast variety in genres, although modern dance appeared most prevalent. The show also included many levels of dance experience as well as genres, giving anyone a chance to be involved in the artistic expression. While beginner routines exhibited simple yet fun moves, the more advanced ones exhibited long-developed technique.

Sophomore Abby Kindler's "To Build a Home" seemed to meld a bit of modern with the classic extensions of ballet. The dancers utilized a wooden bench for many of their syncopated movements. It was junior Chelsey Barker's "On the Radio," however, which shined in the contemporary genre. The girls exhibited sheer talent as they leapt through their barefooted routine.

A tap number opened the second act, accompanied by the Glee cast's "Loser Like Me." The dancers' quirky rainbow suspenders and sheer joy in performance were enough to make the audience smile. Yet another distinctive number was "Reel Around the Sun," an Irish step dancing routine. Irish step dancing in itself is known as a difficult and highly disciplined form of dance, and these girls effortlessly exhibited their skill in the style.

The problem with featuring so many numbers in one sitting is their tendency to blend together after a while. That being said, it was the guest performance by Geneseo Bhangra that really stole the show. The well-known team of dancers took the stage in beautiful and remarkably detailed Bhangra costumes in bright shades of orange, green and purple. Although the performance itself was about 10 minutes, the energy of the performers kept the audience riveted. They used ornate sticks and accordion-like clackers to add to the rhythmic feel of the dance. The group undeniably garnered the biggest applause out of all the numbers.

The last two numbers included much humor and nostalgia. Seniors Andrew Kopp's and Nolan Powers' flirtatious co-ed number "Love with the Butterflies" prompted laughter from the audience. In the spirit of Halloween weekend, the Orchesis officers partook in a remix of Disney princess themes in the final number of the show. The girls dressed as Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas and Tinkerbell. Following the last number, the entire cast rejoiced in a freestyle to the audience's applause