Humans vs. Zombies: Tips for defeating the enemy next time

On a scale of "will be one of the first zombies" to "already living in my bunker," how prepared are you for a potential zombie apocalypse? Humans vs. Zombies is a fun, campus-wide event that gives students a need for survival between classes. As the days drag on, it becomes clear which human players are better prepared than others.

Humans in the game seek to survive, while zombies attempt to eat the survivors. But the seemingly defenseless humans can arm themselves against zombies with a Nerf gun or sword, marshmallows or socks. The only way a zombie player "dies" is if they starve from not feeding off a human. Headshots don't help in HVZ.

Here are a few tips you can follow to help survive the whole week:

1. Always stay inside when you can.

Zombies can only tag a human when they're both outside so avoid leaving your dorm or building as much as possible. Is going from Ontario Hall to Mary Jemison for lunch really worth the risk?

2. Stay in groups when possible.

One zombie can take out a lone human, but it would take a whole group to kill three humans moving together.  If you have to walk around solo, be sure to follow the next tip.

3. Avoid the high-traffic areas.

Sure, a human has to walk around campus to go to their classes, but there are a ton of rarely-used paths available to avoid being eaten. The townhouses and the area between the Union and MJ are usually crawling with zombies. Taking the longer way is well worth the few extra minutes.

If you died early this year or plan on joining the next hunt, be sure to remember these three tips. Play safely and play for fun!