Welles Writing Learning Center closing down, plans to conglomerate with Milne

The Writing Learning Center in Welles Hall will close spring 2012 and the vacated room will be turned into office space when professor Melanie Blood transfers from the theater department to the English department.

"It's going to be made available to the highest ranking most senior members first, then eventually there is going to be a good shifting around of offices," Blood said.

The center in Welles will be absorbed into the Writing Learning Center in Milne Library and a new online appointment system will be added to the website.

"Many students work on their papers in the library, so they're already there," said professor Paul Schacht, chair of the English department. "Going to the Writing Learning Center in the library would be a lot more convenient for them than walking over to Welles."

With an online appointment system, students will no longer need to call in to make an appointment or find the service fully occupied during drop-in hours.

"Having an online system will make it easier," Schacht said. "If you want to drop in, you can look online and see if there is a space open … You can book an appointment for 15 minutes from now and it takes 15 minutes to get to your appointment; that's as effective as drop-in."

 "I think the online appointment system will benefit the Writing Learning Center, because tutors have easier access to the schedule from anywhere and any computer, which will help tutors better prepare in advance," said senior Gabrielle Gosset, a tutor in the Writing Learning Center. "It's more efficient, and is an easier scheduling system."

"My understanding from the faculty meeting is that they're centering a lot of student educational resources together in the library," Blood said.

For more information about the Writing Learning Center, visit its website: http://www.geneseo.edu/english/writing_center.