This Hallow’s Eve, concoct your own spook-tacular disguises

Happy Halloween, DIY-ers! Here are some treats for those who procrastinated like me and forgot to get a costume together in time. Be careful though, some may trick you:

1.    Welcome aboard, sir!

Like flying? Dress as a flight attendant this year by wearing a basic pencil skirt with a plain white tucked-in blouse. Make pilot wings cut out of cardboard or Styrofoam. Add low heels, a neck scarf and a smile that says, "I'll tell you where you can put that carry-on, sir!"

2.  Shiver me timbers

This one's for the men out there. Use a larger button-down shirt and tuck it into a pair of slacks. Roll up the bottoms of the pant legs, and borrow two scarves from a friend. Tie one around the waist of the pants and another around your head. Wear either pirate-like boots, or boat shoes. Use arrrgh-tistic makeup and cut an eye patch out of construction paper. For extra points, glue a stuffed animal parrot to your shoulder.

3.  Catch a falling star…

Are you a mix of sweet and spicy? Throw on a filmy white dress and tights to be a fallen angel. Fashion a halo out of pipe cleaners, and smear some dirt and leaves into your hair with messy makeup. The best part is you don't even need the wings, or you wouldn't have fallen in the first place. Just be ready for those cheesy "Did it hurt…?" pick-up lines.

4.  The path less followed

Wear a long sleeved black shirt and black pants, if you have them. Use white electrical tape cut into strips to make a dotted line down the front of your shirt, and slip a white plastic fork in one of the upper strips. You're a fork in the road!

5. Feeeeeed meeeee!

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? If not, you can fake it with this idea. Buy a cheap white apron and chef's hat, and borrow an iron from one of your roommates. You are the next Iron Chef! Now start cooking!

6. All dolled up

Take a printed, childlike skirt – plaid for example – and pair it with a button-up blouse. Add white stockings, ballet flats and finish with bows or ribbons in your hair and two red circles on your "rosy" cheeks!

7. Pa-rum-pa-pa-pum

Wow your friends with your creative know-how in this quick, musical get-up. Start with a white long-sleeved shirt and black pants. Run red electrical tape down the sides of the pants, and make three stripes across the chest and stomach of the shirt. End each side of the stripes with a gold-painted bottle cap. For the hat, cover an oatmeal container with white paper and make a red circle around the bottom. Add a chinstrap and school initials if you like. Repeat to create a drum or grab a shower curtain rod for a baton.