R.I.T.’s Halloween Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: Danse Macabre

This past weekend, the Rochester Institute of Technology hosted its annual Danse Macabre – Dance of the Dead – Halloween Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Ultimate Frisbee teams from mostly SUNY colleges competed in the rainy, two-day tournament. Geneseo was represented by three teams at the tournament: Snail and Escargot, as well as a team comprised of Geneseo alumni.

Geneseo's main Ultimate Frisbee team, Snail, is usually a co-ed team but because this tournament was open, Snail split up into two different teams of men and women. Escargot, the women's team, did not get a bid for the tournament, but thankfully St. Lawrence University's team – Bust – was in need of extra players and combined with Escargot.

The two teams united to call themselves St. Genny. The players formed a powerful lineup, claiming victory during their first three games on Saturday against R.I.T., SUNY Binghamton and Nazport, a combination of both Nazareth College and SUNY Brockport players. St. Genny's last game was against EZ Ultimate – a team consisting of veteran ultimate players from ages 23 – 60.

After a long day of games on Saturday, the girls returned on Sunday for the championship rounds, coming one point away from beating Ithaca College in a 14-15 game.   

The men of Snail played four games on Saturday as well, ending with a 2-2 record.  Snail defeated Wookie Cookies – a team of older men – and Nazareth College, but faced a tough loss to the Snail alumni team and SUNY Oneonta. Geneseo's alumni team came in third place for the whole tournament after a tough loss to R.I.T. in the semi-finals.

Due to the atrocious conditions of the wet fields – only worsened after excessive cleating all Saturday –R.I.T. was forced to cancel all games except for the championship bracket.  

Snail attended tournaments at SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Fredonia and R.I.T. this semester. Once the winter season begins, the team will begin practicing indoors. Every year, Snail hosts an indoor winter tournament that many teams attend at Geneseo. Snail also takes a road trip to Georgia every spring break for a weeklong tournament called High Tide.

Students are encouraged to join the team at any point during the season. If you want to play some Frisbee but are hesitant about committing to tournaments on the weekends, check out the practices; they are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on Doty Field.