Kaleidoscope unites students and faculty

On Friday Oct. 19, as a part of Parents' Weekend, the School of the Arts presented Kaleidoscope, a performance that showcased students and faculty as well as various musical ensembles.

Music professor James Walker gave a brief introduction in which he said, "This [show] is considered the tip of the iceberg," and that many other shows this semester would demonstrate the talent of the performers.

Anna Steltenpohl, a member of both the Geneseo faculty and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, began the show with "Pan" from Six Metamorphoses after Ovid. She performed from the center of the balcony in Wadsworth, making it difficult to see her from below, yet the rich and pleasant sound of her oboe resonated clearly. Following Steltenpohl, Walker conducted the Wind Ensemble in an uplifting performance of "Brighton Beach Symphonic March."

Next, Senior Devon Borowski lent his powerful voice and vibrant expression to "Vergebliches Ständchen" by Johannes Brahms, accompanied by faculty member Alan Case on piano.

The Geneseo Wind Quintet performed Paul Valjean's piece "Gavotte," which included faculty members on oboe, flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Their experience with their instruments added a professional quality to the show.

Senior Angela Carducci sang "Non so piu" from "Le nozze di Figaro." Her voice and emotional investment were captivating enough for an opera.

The Percussion Ensemble took the stage and performed "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid, adding uniqueness and fun to the familiar piece.

Next was "Adagio" by Franz Haydn, performed by faculty member Linda Boianova on the piano.

The Spectrum Women's Ensemble sang "All in Green Went My Love Riding" by Ron Perera, conducted by music professor Gerard Floriano with piano accompaniment by David Hurd. The Geneseo String Band, directed by music professor James Kimball, followed them with "An Irish Air and Three Jigs."

The Chamber Singers, also directed by Floriano, dominated the stage for the next two songs. The first song, "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," was accompanied by Steltenpohl's expertise on the oboe. The group then moved to a powerful rendition of "Hold On!"

Joining Boianova on the piano was junior Louis Lohraseb for the duet, "Allegro Brillante." Having a student and teacher side-by-side demonstrated one of the key aspects of Kaleidoscope: that both professionals and undergraduates can work together to produce high-quality music.

The Monday Night Jazz Ensemble then performed "So in Love" by Cole Porter, directed by faculty member David Gibson.

Music Professor Pamela Kurau, accompanied by Case on piano, sang a heartfelt version of "Somehow I Never Could Believe" from "Street Scene." The combination of her powerful voice and sincere expression made her performance feel genuine, as if it were her own story to share.

After accompanying previous performers, Case finally took the spotlight to perform "Autumn Song (October)" from The Seasons. The Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Walker, then performed one of Edvard Grieg's "symphonic dances."

For a change of pace, next came English Professor Tom Greenfield, whose witty songwriting has graced Geneseo for many years. The audience enjoyed being invited to sing along with him for "I Really Hated Your Class" and "The Starbuck Song."

The Spectrum Women's Ensemble, Chamber Singers and Symphony Orchestra closed the concert with a grand, reverberating performance of "Hallelujah Chorus" that earned a standing ovation.