Heat up the savings! This semester, bake with bargains

Hey there, DIY-ers! Everyone eats, right? But not everyone knows that they can reuse kitchen and pantry items to help make cooking and daily life a little easier. Here are some tasty tricks to flavor and help you savor your time:

1. Don't forget to floss!

Did you know that those annoying strings inside a corn husk are called floss? Well, it doesn't matter because no one wants to eat them anyway, so use an old (cleaned) toothbrush to scrub them off without hurting the corn.

2. Let's ketchup sometime!

Ever try to make weekend morning pancakes, and get the batter everywhere because the spoon's never big enough? Nix the mess by pouring the batter into an empty ketchup bottle! Squeeze out perfectly sized circles for delicious flapjacks without the cleanup.

3. Lights, Pasta, Action!

If you're a broke college student like me, you may have a lighter or a random free book of matches – but extra-long matches or a stem-lighter are not as commonly seen. To light a candle or burner, use a long piece of spaghetti to keep your fingers from getting too close.

4. Fall foil-iage

Doesn't autumn make you want to bake and eat pie? Don't have the materials? Sure you do! Bake on a flat sheet of aluminum foil and fold a strip for the sides (close with a paperclip). Oven-safe and no washing dishes? Yes!

5. Lettuce contain you!

Instead of having your taco fillings fall all over the place, use an extra-large lettuce leaf to fill with your meat, cheese, beans, salsa, and more!

6. Gizmos, gadgets, and garlic presses

So you don't have a garlic press? What a surprise. Why bother when you can press down on your clove with a fork, and get the same smushed/pressed/almost-chopped result?

7. Saved by the bread

Oops, let your bread get stale? It's hard to use it fast enough sometimes, but don't throw it out! Simply rub an ice cube on the crust until damp and then bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. Voilà! The bread is back!