GSTV could see shutdown in future

The Geneseo Student Television station, or GSTV, could be facing termination within the next two years due to severely outdated equipment and lack of Student Association funding.

"Since its initial airing, GSTV set out to provide a way for students to express themselves through the broadcast medium," said junior Sam White, GSTV General Manager. "Not only has it been a way for students to take a look at what is going on around campus, but it allows those who are interested in communications or the media to gain some real world experience."

The station recently brought in a consultant to examine its studio.

"They said that we might have one to two years left with the current equipment if we're lucky. After that, we'll have to shut down," said White.

Some of the most important equipment used by GSTV is upward of 25 years old and is the most expensive to replace.

"What the station really needs is a full studio upgrade," White said. "We know that there are not enough resources available to achieve that, so we will be submitting a funding proposal to the Student Association for only those pieces that are essential to upgrade. If the Student Association turns down the proposal, it would effectively be condemning GSTV to death."

White said that a lack of initiative on the part of past GSTV teams has resulted in the current pressing need for updated technology.

"Although the technology may be outdated, there is still a need for GSTV," said freshman Jack McDevitt. "A lot of people prefer the act of watching their news on television to getting it from other media sources. It would be sad to see such an important part of Geneseo's culture disappear after being around for so long."

"I think the quality is pretty crummy, but that's clearly because of outdated equipment," said senior Jackie Reynolds. "If they updated things, I'm sure more people would watch the station."

"We realize that there is not a huge base of student support for GSTV because of its outdated appearance," said White. "It is a vicious cycle. In order for us to improve and provide new programs for the campus community, we need updated equipment. To get our equipment, we need support from the campus community."

The GSTV station on campus cable can be viewed on channel 4 and airs programming 24/7.

GSTV daytime hosts a variety of shows meant to highlight campus activities, such as live footage of Geneseo Knights sporting events. GSTV primetime offers original programming, including the comedy shows SNEWS and SUNNY Geneseo, the cooking show Munchies, Sportsblock and news broadcasts on Mondays and Thursdays.