Students, faculty disappointed in Follett bookstore

This semester, both students and professors have expressed increasing disappointment in the Geneseo University Bookstore, which is operated by the Follett Corporation. Many were frustrated to find that when students tried to purchase and pick up the books they needed, many of them were not yet available.

Professor Edward Wallace of the mathematics department explained that professors send in a list of the materials that their classes will need to the college bookstore. These lists detailing materials for the fall semester must be completed in June to allow the bookstore time to order sufficient supplies.

"My experience with the bookstore so far has been stressful," said Kathryn Geen, a freshman education major. "I ordered my books before I came to school and it's the third week in and I still haven't gotten all my books."

Freshman psychology major Melissa Bebernes was also affected by the backorder at Follett.

"Classes are pretty fast-paced, so by the time the books get here, we've already finished using some of them in class," Bebernes said. "I spent all that money just to end up borrowing the books from the library."

It wasn't just students that were vocal about the lack of materials; it also affected many professors.

"In astronomy, we have had to put off using the [Personal Response System] clickers for credit in class until the end of the second week because students haven't been able to get a hold of them, and many still don't have lab manuals," said physics professor Aaron Steinhauer. "I am disappointed that they haven't done a better job anticipating the demand."

The manager of Follett was unable to comment.