Save green by going green!

Here are six tips for creatively reusing items around your room. Instead of throwing out old or ripped items and useless recyclables, why not use them to make any house or dorm room more interesting and environmentally friendly? Everyone knows how expensive going green can be, but these helpful hints cost nothing at all!

1. Rest Easy:

Fashion an ugly or old pillowcase into a reusable grocery bag. Simply sew on two strips of cloth (or another cut up pillowcase) to act as straps. Too difficult? Attach the straps using a button, which requires about 10 small stitches.

2. Waste Not:

Instead of throwing out toilet paper rolls, wrap extra extension cords through them and around the sides for easy, untangled storage.

3. A Hairy Save:

Those brown paper tubes can also be used as ponytail and clip holders by sliding the bands around the tube and closing clips and bobby pins around the top. You can even paint them or decorate them with stickers to liven them up.

4. Throw some garbage on the wall:

A third use for the rolls involves creating one's own art – a handy, eco-friendly design that just happens to imitate the environment it is saving. Decoarate your walls with crafty toilet paper tubes; they have me rooted to the spot! Get it? Plants have roots?

5. Boxes for Bags:

Have a cold or allergies? It's pretty common up here in Geneseo, and thus, so are empty tissue boxes. Use them to store leftover plastic bags that can be reused as grocery or garbage bags. Two for one!

6. Yes I'll Have Another Sip of Sneaker:

For anyone over 21 out there, classy enough to drink wine that has some extra wine bottle boxes leftover: save them up and tack them together for some small, lightweight shoe storage.