Music videos bring songs to life

Heard a song recently and wanted to see the artist perform it? Then check out the video!

Here are some previews of new music videos from artists of all kinds, including one from a different country:

"Cheers (Drink To That)"


If you were a fan of Rihanna during her "Umbrella," "Disturbia" and "Rude Boy" stage, then this video will be a more realistic change of pace. The entire video is basically Rihanna out in public, partying with family and friends or performing at a concert. Much of what we see is her and those surrounding her holding shot glasses, but considering what the song is about, that shouldn't be a surprise.


SNSD (Girls' Generation)

This South Korean nine-woman band has gained quite the following since their debut four years ago, and "Hoot" only continues this tradition. The song is about a woman scorned by her boyfriend, who takes any chance he can to chase another girl. To fully understand the video, you'll need subtitles. As with most Girls' Generation videos, there's both the story version, which looks like a black and white spy movie, and the dance version, which is reminiscent of an early Britney Spears video.  

"Moves Like Jagger"

Maroon 5

This song, and the tune whistled within it, has been blasting radios for a while now. The video compares Mick Jagger's time – when he and most British rock stars were the most desired – to ours, where Adam Levine reigns supreme on the Want-O-Meter. If you want to see a few of the (now crazy looking) styles people had back before most of us were born, then this is a must-watch. Christina Aguilera's cameo only adds to the flavor.

"Give Me Everything Parody"

Key of Awesome

For those unfamiliar with it, Key of Awesome is a YouTube group that creates funny original songs and high-quality parodies of many popular music videos. Unfortunately, unlike their Lady Gaga/Lord Gaga parody, this particular piece won't make much sense unless you see Pitbull's original music video. Once you compare the two, however, I can promise lots of laughs. Check out their channel for other great parodies.