Invasion of Privacy: Senior James Costanzo interns at NBC Sports, immerses self in sports journalism

In many ways, James Costanzo embodies what it means to be an exceptional Geneseo student; he is academically motivated, constantly involved and steadfast with his principles.

Costanzo was raised in the suburban town of Patchogue on Long Island with two younger siblings and a yellow Labrador. As a child, Costanzo didn't necessarily dream about sports journalism, but just fell into it. Even though he was interested in sports, he was never able to play due to unfortunate perpetual sickness, so he used writing as an outlet. When it was time for him to decide what to study in college, Costanzo was originally set to study law. His mother, however, encouraged him to pursue a career about which he could be passionate, which led him to study journalism.

Now, as a senior communication major, Costanzo has carved out quite a name for himself in virtually all the media outlets that Geneseo has to offer. He hosts sports shows on both WGSU and GSTV, and this is his second year as the sports editor of The Lamron, though he has been writing for the paper since his freshman year.

To pursue his increased interest in journalism and media, Costanzo had an internship at NBC Sports in New York City this summer. While he said that most of his responsibilities were "intern-y," including logging and sorting tape, the more exciting days certainly balanced out the mundane tasks. He had the privilege of meeting many well-known people during his time at NBC, particularly Tony Dungy, the former coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Costanzo was also able to meet Brian Williams and Richard Engel, both prominent figures at NBC.

While it's clear that Costanzo has his plate full with his media endeavors, another huge part of his experience at Geneseo has been his involvement in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He has been involved in the group since freshman year.

"It provided a great network of friends that I'll have for the rest of my life," Costanzo said. He furthers his involvement in the group by leading a small group for athletes in Erie Hall once a week.

Costanzo said he's not yet sure of his plans after graduation. His experience at NBC opened his eyes to the behind-the-scenes sports production world, which included a lot of editing, and gave him a new appreciation for the skill. He did say, however, that he would prefer to pursue a career in which his talent for writing and skill for on-camera work could be valued. He also said he can see himself going to graduate school or even the seminary, but for the most part, Costanzo plans to "let God figure the rest out."