James Milroy takes over as vice president of administration and finance

Starting July 1, James Milroy was selected to be Ken Levison's replacement as the college's vice president for administration and finance.

Formerly Geneseo's assistant vice president for budget and financial analysis and government relations officer, Milroy has been working on the campus since 2006.

"[Milroy] was the only internal candidate, and also a Geneseo alumnus," President Christopher Dahl said.

An extensive national search brought in over 50 applicants. A committee selected 15 to 20 semi-finalists, finally narrowing it down to five finalists who were brought to campus.

The search took place during and after finals week, which, according to Dahl, "wasn't ideal for students." There were, however, two student representatives on the committee.

Prior to Geneseo, Milroy worked for the city of Buffalo for 18 years, most recently as the commissioner of administration and finance. Responsible for Buffalo's $1 billion budget, Milroy has a strong background in New York public finance.

"Jim has also been in charge of state relations," Dahl said. "He brings to the table a lot of advocacy skills."

Even with the passage of the rational tuition policy, Geneseo's budget is still $1.1 million less than last year.

"It's going to be a challenging year starting out," Dahl said. "He's going to have to be strategic in a number of ways."

Milroy, however, said he expects improvements. "Before the rational tuition plan, the level drawn from the reserve funds was not sustainable," he said. "It didn't give us the opportunity to reinvest."

After a couple of years, the school will start seeing the savings from the deactivated programs and the increased revenue from the rational tuition plan will add up.

"It's a five year plan that's been formulated by the cabinet … it's been in the works since Dr. Levison was here," Milroy said. "The big challenge that faces the college is restoring and maintaining a lower student-faculty ratio."

Along with implementing the long-range budget plan, Milroy will be responsible for the physical management of the college.  

"All these operations that make a college run are in his area," Dahl said. According to Dahl, he'll need to know everything from the budget to how the residence halls are cleaned.

Milroy graduated from Geneseo in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in political science. He earned a master's degree in public policy and administration and his doctorate in political science at the University of Buffalo.

"He's an energetic and loyal alumnus," Dahl said of Milroy. "I think the Geneseo education was transformative to him … it's a great pleasure to bring in someone whose career has been positively shaped by a Geneseo education."