Fusion Market to open in spring

This semester, the Geneseo University Store is closed for major renovations as part of an ongoing effort to provide students with more dining options on campus.

GUS will reopen early in spring 2012 as Fusion Market, a market-style dining facility featuring flavors from around the globe.

Mark Scott, the executive director of Campus Auxiliary Services, explained that his goal is to create a hub of life and activity in the center of campus through renovating the dining venues. The transformation of Books and Bytes in the library and the arrival of Starbucks on campus were the first two steps in this process.

"As our third installment, we're going to do GUS and the Corner Pocket in the Union," Scott said. "We really just want this to be an exciting place … we want to find ways to draw in people who don't regularly eat on campus. The main objective of the new Fusion Market is to present a grab-and-go dining option for students, faculty and visitors."

According to CAS Executive Chef Jonna Anne, there will be different stations around the market offering salads, flatbread sandwiches and kebabs, along with many other internationally-inspired options. In addition to Mediterranean flavors, Fusion Market promises Asian and Southeast Asian dishes, such as stir-fries.  

"We're trying to make [Fusion Market] portable by having it be a sort of market-style setup with fresh local produce," Anne said.

Although students seem pleased with what they're hearing about Fusion Market, they expressed some frustrations at the inconvenience caused by GUS closing.

"I live right next door in Jones, so it was really convenient to just go [to GUS] for dinner," said junior Nathanael Geraci, adding that he plans on visiting Fusion Market once it opens.

 "It was nice to have real food at the Union, and it's disappointing that they haven't opened [Fusion Market] yet," said senior Erin O'Reilly.

Scott said that although it might be inconvenient for GUS to be closed for the semester, he promised that the grand opening of Fusion Market "will be worth the wait."

Freshman Alex Lionetti, who said she is looking forward to seeing the finished product, said, "I think it's going to be good to buy food [in the Union] and not have to go up to Walmart or Wegmans for something quick."

The project will cost roughly $800,000 - $900,000 and its grand opening is scheduled for February.