College mourns loss of Jay Choi

Jay Choi, a senior philosophy major, died April 15.

Though he was accomplished in the realms of music, athletics and academia, Choi was admired especially for his ability to think critically.

"He was interested in ideas," said philosophy professor Elias Savellos.

"He was a passionate conversationalist who liked to question the flaws in society and the world," said senior Collin Pope.

Savellos taught Choi in three classes and first met him when he was a freshman.

"Immediately he showed himself as a very promising young man," Savellos said. "He was very inquisitive … From the glances I got of Jay, I could tell he was not the usual student."

Choi is remembered as a sensitive young man, "very gentle, kind, and concerned for others," Savellos said. "He was more concerned about others than he was himself, a rare quality."