A goodbye from editor-in-chief Julie McMahon

More than 1,920 pages, 96 issues, 72 Wednesday all-nighters (which translates to about the same number of subzones and pizza slices), and over 2,000 edited articles. These are the numbers that quantify my experience at The Lamron. This extracurricular activity has been a very taxing labor of love – that's for sure. But what will always stick with me, more than the hours upon hours of time I have put into this organization, is the people who have been a part of my life because of it.

Whether it was the simple pleasure of being able to tell another individual's small story, a long series of interactions carried out to develop an article or relationship or the strong bonds I have formed with my fellow Lamron comrades, being so heavily involved with this organization has afforded me the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other people – the only thing I could ask of my undergraduate experience.

The Lamron has done a lot of for me in other ways, too, but as I sit down to write something into this precious space, what's important to me is that I get the chance to show my appreciation to each person I've had the chance to meet thanks to The Lamron. I am always grateful toward those who have come before me to teach and develop my own skills in this arena. I am also thankful for the presence of those who have been integral to my success as I rose up in the ranks. Finally, I look forward to clicking my way to The Lamron website a handful of months from now and feeling the appreciation of a continued legacy. I know, with plenty of confidence, that next year's staff will fill me with pride.

Hopefully, this hasn't come off too much like a thank-you speech at an awards show, but cheesy as it may be, leaving The Lamron makes me feel like I've just won the award of a lifetime.