Special election for NY 26th District seat set for May 24

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has scheduled the special election to fill the vacant New York 26th District seat in the House of Representatives for May 24.

The seat has been empty since the resignation of Chris Lee in early February.

Jane Corwin, a resident of Clarence, N.Y., was chosen as the GOP candidate weeks after Lee's resignation. Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul was selected as the Democratic candidate in mid-March.

Corwin came to Geneseo last week, speaking to a packed audience in the Fireside Lounge of the College Union.

"People are definitely interested in both perspectives," said junior Jen Luders, president of College Republicans. Students from College Republicans and College Democrats were present at Corwin's appearance.

"We are trying to get people involved in [Corwin's] campaign," Luders said. "We need someone who understands small businesses because that's what's going to be growing."

Corwin has a strong background in business and has risen from a middle class upbringing, financing her campaign partially with personal funds.

Education has served a significant role in Corwin's campaign. As a graduate of University at Albany, she has sought involvement in regional school systems.

Luders said College Republicans is working to support Corwin's campaign College Democrats, likewise, has been very active in Hochul's campaign.

"We are residents of this district, and we want someone with our interests in mind," said junior Alexandra Casey, president of College Democrats. "I feel Kathy Hochul supports more of our interests."

Casey said that while Corwin has argued for the defunding of NPR and Planned Parenthood, Hochul supports the Affordable Care Act, which will allow students to remain on the health insurance plan of their parents until age 26.

Like Corwin, Hochul has ties to the SUNY system; her son is a 2010 Geneseo alumnus.

"[Hochul] recognizes the power of SUNY," Casey said.

Hochul will be speaking in Geneseo on April 21 in Newton 204 at 8 p.m.

No matter who they decide to support, Casey urged all students to vote in the election. Students leaving Geneseo for the summer have the option of mailing in an absentee ballot or going to the Board of Elections and submitting an absentee ballot in person

Any student that needs help or even a ride to the Board can email the College Democrats.

"We just want everyone to vote," Casey said.