Chivalrous Knights: Geneseo First Response: Heroes we can rely on

The floor was covered in dirt, glitter … and bodies? Ke$ha's concert last week was as fabulous and sleazy as she'd promised, but it was still a little scary when several people passed out during the set changes. The time between 3OH!3's exit and Ke$ha's entrance seemed to stretch on forever. I was with a group of people that wanted to push as close to the front as possible, and although we could see a lot better, it was not particularly pleasant. It was very hot and the air was thin. I even saw two different girls collapse on the floor, only minutes apart from each other.

The people-to-air ratio in the gym was certainly not in our favor, and so a little lightheadedness was expected. None of the instances, however, turned out to be dire emergencies, at least to the knowledge of the general population. But still, passing out is passing out and these people needed medical attention.

So, if you happened to be driving around campus on Sunday wondering why there were so many ambulances in the circle outside of Kuhl Gym, now you know.

This situation leads me to send a special nod to the heroes that sprang into action when Ke$ha made us faint – Geneseo First Response.

First responders deserve our acknowledgement and respect. As we go about our business and run into scrapes, they drop everything and come to help us pick up the pieces. They check vitals and comfort patients until they can receive professional care.

On the Geneseo First Response website, 51 Geneseo students are listed on the roster. At any given time, a handful of these students are waiting for someone to need help – what a comforting thought to carry with us. We should thank all emergency volunteers for caring to the extent that they do.