(4/14/11) Incidental Amusements

The registration process here at Geneseo may have some minor drawbacks, but its biggest boon is this: It has transformed me from an uncultured swine into a modern-day renaissance man.

You might say I'm simply getting a broad liberal arts education, but let's face it, "Renaissance Man" makes me sound cooler. I can flaunt it at family parties and it's a great opening line when approaching girls at the I.B.

Yes, KnightWeb and the Registrar have, through their combined efforts, made me a man of the world. Not by choice, I might add, but by the sheer helplessness of the registration process every semester.

As a first semester freshman, I dragged my unrefined feet into orientation and thus transformed from a boy into a man. I've studied the cultures of long-forgotten peoples, written creative poems, stories and tales, learned about hypocrisy in the only INTD 105 I could get into, learned French – I might even dabble in Russian next year – and refreshed my calculus know-how. The list goes on and on.

Never mind that I haven't been able to take more than a few classes in my own major. Never mind that that I never really chose to take any of those other classes, but rather just needed them to be considered a full-time student. Never mind that going into junior year, the majority of my courses still won't fulfill any real requirement, major or general education (the latter of which I finished ages ago).

No, never mind that, but do mind how much I know about neoclassical art, geography and play analysis. It's impressive, I know. If you're feeling jealous, be comforted by the fact that knowing everything about everything is quite the burden, indeed.

Hopefully I can keep this up forever. College is a pretty fun place, and my extraordinary skill at Trivial Pursuit is nothing to scoff at. Eventually, I'll get enough credits in some major or another and they'll have to ship me off to Mensa, as even IQ tests will eventually be no match for my encyclopedic knowledge pool.

But seriously, next time you see me, offer to reserve a class seat for me or at the very least, buy me a drink. Registration is turning my hair gray.