Babcock Construction wins bid for infrastucture project

Plans for the Infrastructure Improvement Project are underway, with work on Wadsworth Street, Court Street and University Drive slated to begin later this month.

Six firms contended for the Wadsworth-Court-University Infrastructure Improvement project. Babcock Construction Corporation was ultimately awarded the contract with the low bid of $1,583,877.

Work on Court Street will begin April 18, and work on Wadsworth and University will begin mid-May after the semester has finished. The project is estimated to conclude in October or November.

Plans include a new water main between Court and the York meter pit and new water, sanitary and storm sewer lines. There will also be highway, sidewalk and curb replacements for Wadworth and University.

"The [Department of Environmental Conservation] is pushing the issue of finding water infiltration in the villages, because they don't want stormwater to come through the wastewater plant," said Steve McTarnaghan, Water/Wastewater Superintendent for the Village of Geneseo. "It's a waste of money treating stormwater."

Some problems were found on Wadsworth, and although standards were met, McTarnaghan said that the village would like to be well above standard.

Water meters are also being installed on campus so that the village can more efficiently bill the college for water use.

BCC has done satisfactory work for the town in the past, according to McTarnaghan. "[The company] just repaved Lima Road a year or two ago, and they've done some work at our water plant before and at the college," he said.

Several Geneseo students said they were supportive of the plan because several local sidewalks are deteriorating.

"In a college community where students are always walking around, it's important to have safe sidewalks," junior Maureen Massaria said. "I'm looking forward to the improvements."