Avoid another weekend at the bars by hosting a rock band

"Very superstitious…" sang senior Talor Gruenwald, vocalist of the band Lady Grey, as he covered Stevie Wonder's hit "Superstition." Turns out Lady Grey did not need superstition to put on an excellent and spellbinding show.

On Saturday evening, Lady Grey performed a house show for peers craving an awesome night of live music. Comprised of four musically talented Geneseo seniors – Gruenwald as vocalist and guitarist, Kevin Earle on bass, Charlie McDermott on drums and Connor Phoenix on keyboard – the band had the crowd dancing away, breaking a sweat and singing along for hours at a local house show.

Two years ago, the band members met at a mutual friend's party. McDemott picked up a guitar and started strumming along. From that moment, a seed was planted and the group flourished into friendship and rock 'n' roll.

The four musicians started by covering classic rock songs from bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Band, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. They have also written some original tunes.

Throughout the semester, students living off campus have asked Lady Grey to put on shows at their houses to liven up a party. Once the band begins playing, the atmosphere naturally becomes exceptionally energetic and radiant. "For fun and for free" is usually the band's motto, but their expertise has occasionally paid off monetarily at venues including The Statesmen and college functions.

Lady Grey's performances predominantly feature covers of classic artists, entreating students' ears to the essential rock 'n' roll that this generation missed out on by just a few decades. Our parents were fortunate enough to live during a time when The Beatles and The Band were touring. Lady Grey gives modern teenagers a chance to sing, dance and love the music that spoke and still speaks to generations.

Other sensational hits covered on Saturday night included The Band's "Up on Crippled Creek," the Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias," The Beatles' "I Want You" and "Lady Madonna" and The Doors' "Break on Through," which segued into Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride."

Change can really happen when students finally get tired of going to the bars and dancing to radio music. There are many students out there who love playing instruments but lack band mates and a stage. So students living off campus: invite a friend's band to play at your house. Make it an event on Facebook, collect money for drinks and donations and have a house party that people won't stop raving about until they come back for more!

It may take more effort to plan this kind of event than to walk down the street to the bar, but the payoff is a beneficial and memorable experience for the house owners, the band and the partygoers who have a heart for good music.