Who’s Who in the Arts? Lexi Schuessler

Broadway is more than a few blocks from Geneseo, but the passion for musical theater is still strong in the cornfields of Western New York. Senior Lexi Schuessler is making sure it stays that way.

Schuessler is a speech pathology major and the current president of Musical Theatre Club. After eight semesters, Schuessler said that looking back on her four years of involvement, "It's more than just a club – it takes on a life of its own."

Although Schuessler was involved in musical theat productions throughout high school, she didn't know at the time that the hobby would evolve into such a serious interest during college. "It was between MTC or cheerleading," Schuessler said.

Although she is president of the entirely student-run theater group, Schuessler emphasized that their semesterly revues are certainly a group effort. "Everyone in MTC participates," she said. "I just delegate tasks."

MTC holds a packed revue once every semester. Students audition with songs of their own choosing, and the club e-board has the final say on what will be selected for the performance. Students will sometimes change the words of the piece to make it more relevant to the audience or incorporate a humorous twist.

Although singing and acting are major foci of the club, Schuessler said that as a performer, dance is her strongest suit. "When you get a script or a song, they tell you what to say and what to sing, but with dance, you go off whatever is in your mind," she said. She choreographs shows for her town's community theater when not at school.

Schuessler said she plans to keep musical theater in her life after graduation; she has applied to graduate programs in New York City in order to take advantage of the culture and opportunities more readily available in a metropolitan area. She hopes to eventually find a job at a school where she can direct plays for students.