WAC’s Feminist Chocolate Factory highlights gender issues in media

On Sunday night, the College Union ballroom transformed into The Feminist Chocolate Factory, ushering in patrons who presented golden tickets – but this time, over 100 golden tickets were redeemed.

The event was hosted by Womyn's Action Coalition, a student group that discusses topics like inequality, gender, politics and women in the media.

"WAC does a lot of work with serious issues on campus, but we also do a lot of fun things [like this]," said senior Brittney Walker, president of WAC.

Tickets to see The Feminist Chocolate Factory were $5 for students, $6 for faculty and staff and $7 for visitors. All proceeds were donated to V-Day Haiti, a countrywide campaign that raises awareness about gender-based violence and provides women living in shelters in northern Haiti with legal aid and advocacy.

WAC welcomed a diverse group of actors to its production of "Willy Wonka and the Feminist Chocolate Factory." Public relations representative and senior Mari Rogers, who wrote the play and performed as Willy Wonka, said, "We want to show that feminism isn't a scary concept and can be open to a large group of people."

The show included dinner. In keeping with the chocolate factory theme, dishes were titled with Wonka-rific names like Wonka's Golden Eggs at Work (chocolate-sauced chicken), Snozzberry Supreme (fruit salad) and Feministitasticrumptiosum (chocolate bread pudding).

"This ballroom is literally littered with desserts," said senior Dan Hart.

"Anyone in the world can be a feminist," said Charlie, played by Walker. The performance included scenes based off of the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that were been revamped to show the true meaning of feminism and dispel false stereotypes. "Feminism is about freedom of choice," Rogers' Wonka said.

Short performances from clubs, bands and individual students served as mini-acts within the larger play. Some presentations focused on issues of feminism, but others were merely entertaining. Performers included The Coach Phase, Swing Dance Club, The Geneseo Slam Poets, Currently Known As, Regina Sapphire (senior Richie Jaquith), G-Steppas and The (Job) Hunters.

WAC holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Union 319.