Spring into break with budget-friendly getaways!

Spring break is coming fast, and by the time it gets here everyone's going to want a vacation. The best part is that it's surprisingly easy to find a cheap, fun getaway that will leave you refreshed for the second half of the spring semester.

1. Myrtle Beach, S.C. – You won't get the guaranteed balmy weather of Florida in March, but the Carolina coast will be a lot warmer than the plains of Geneseo, and the mellow temperatures will allow you to enjoy the beaches and everything this lively city has to offer. For as little as $150 per person you can rent a two-person efficiency a few miles from the beach for a week.    There are pristine beaches in surrounding state parks and a lively boardwalk, an aquarium and a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs rest only a short distance away.

Many hotels in the area are actually condos, so go with a big group of friends (if you don't mind a tight squeeze) to make a nice hotel affordable. The trip to South Carolina is a bit lengthy – it's 14 hours by car from Geneseo – but with enough people it's definitely doable.

2. Canada – Montreal is a tried-and-true destination for college students, but it's also worth considering someplace not all tourists consider, like nearby Kingston, Ontario, especially if you're looking for a shorter drive. Smaller than Montreal, Kingston borders Lake Ontario and is only three hours from Geneseo. Check out Fort Henry or the International Hockey Hall of Fame as well as the spectacular scenery found in both the architecture – the city has a distinct European flair – and the surrounding parks. Kingston has over 200 restaurants to choose from and a variety of lodging for whatever your budget or preference.

3. Go somewhere close For those of you who want or need to stay a little closer to home this spring break, don't resign yourselves to sitting at home watching MTV's "Spring Break." There are plenty of ways to mix up your routine.

If you live downstate and have a little cash to spare, why not grab a group of friends and stay at a hotel in the city for a night? Spend the day shopping and checking out museums, see a Broadway show at night and ask the concierge for an interesting restaurant recommendation for dinner. If you are of age, try out some of the trendy bars.

Staying upstate? Pack a bag and head to picturesque Saratoga Springs. At just over four hours from Geneseo, it's perfect for a weekend trip.  Saratoga Springs is known for horse racing in the summer, but in late winter there is still plenty to do. Shopping, spas, galleries and historic sites await you in town along with a variety of dining and nightlife options that is surprising given the city's small size. If you don't mind driving a little, Saratoga Springs isn't far from outdoor ice skating, snowmobiling trails, wineries and skiing at Gore and Whiteface Mountains.

So don't be afraid to mix it up this March – after all, we only have a dwindling number of spring breaks left.