Rochester’s Korean cuisine: It’s Sodam good!

Sodam, a small Korean restaurant in Henrietta, leaves stomachs full and taste buds satisfied. The eatery's cozy and ethnic environment fulfills cravings for a distinctive dinner and a new experience.

Once customers are seated, a soothing cup of tea is immediately served to the table to warm them from the winter chill. Taking time to look over the menu is key to a delicious experience; there is even a method for choosing essential spicy dishes. A good strategy is to order one hot entrée and one mild entrée to share between two people, allowing for short breaks between the fiery burn.

The restaurant is full of tantalizing smells, but Sodam's tasty appetizers help tide diners over until the entrées arrive. The Mandu, a fried dumpling dish served with soy sauce, makes for the perfect appetizer. For those diners in search of something lighter yet still savory, the classic non-fried spring rolls are the way to go.

Can't decide which entrée to order?  The ‘bi-bim-bap' dish provides a mix of everything. Served in a large hot stone bowl, the dish is a combination of white rice, sautéed and seasoned vegetables, chili pepper paste (for those spicy food lovers), fried egg and sliced beef. For a less spicy entrée, try the ‘duk gook,' a delicious rice dumpling soup. The rich flavor of the broth combined with soft rice noodles provides a heavenly taste.

Now comes the most exciting part of the night: Waiters draw the attention of the entire room as they walk out bearing sizzling entrées. It takes a few minutes just for the steam to simmer down, but it's well worth the wait, and the generous portions make for great leftovers to munch on later.

Sodam is located at 900 Jefferson Rd. in Henrietta in the Genesee Valley Regional Market, Building No. 1, and it's So go soon to enjoy!