Artist Carla Bartow’s display celebrates contemporary mixed media

"Camera Bike Slims" | Open through March 10

Kinetic Gallery Hours: M--Th: 12 - 8 PM, F: 12 - 5 PM, Sat: 1 - 3 PM

"Camera Bike Slims," Carla Bartow's wonderfully dynamic collection of work, is currently on display in the College Union's Kinetic Gallery.

Bartow's work ranges from highly expressive acrylic illustrations with text overlapping to lithographs and linocuts, two different types of printmaking.

Displayed along with Bartow's pieces are the linoleum printmaking blocks and sketchbooks she used. They are included to help viewers better understand the artist's creative process. Some prints even incorporate the original pen and ink drawings that inspired them.

Many of Bartow's pieces are created directly on recycled windows; the glass panes act as a canvas and the window frame contains the image inside. Many of the windows have retained their antique feel, with peeling paint and locks and screws still attached.

In the majority of Bartow's pieces, the images spill out onto nearby frames as if the art were too energetic to permit constraint. This quality allows the artist to work "two and one half-dimensionally," meaning that her pieces are mounted on the wall, but the imagery exists on more than one plane. An example of this style exists in "Urban Fiddle," a dual pane window with paint on both layers that creates an interesting depth to the piece.

Most of Bartow's larger works are for sale, and her smaller prints are available for purchase in the gallery for $20.