Who’s Who in the Arts? Adam LaSalle

Junior music major Adam LaSalle is more than he seems – he is wildly involved in Geneseo's theater community and has performed in many different roles, but it is his passion for education that keeps him grounded.

LaSalle transferred to Geneseo from State University of New York at New Paltz in the fall 2009 semester. Hailing from a family of doctors and nurses, he was encouraged to study physics while at New Paltz. After transferring, LaSalle decided to pursue his love for music full time by majoring in music. He's since appeared in musicals like "The Pirates of Penzance" and "The Fantasticks!," often in principal roles.

"It was a humbling experience to be cast [as the Pirate King]," LaSalle said. He said that he was extremely grateful to the directors, who put their faith in him even as an unfamiliar transfer student.

"I taught myself how to play piano at a young age," said LaSalle, who claimed that he is still only "mediocre." It seems he is merely being modest about his abilities; as a talented musician he's made a name for himself in Geneseo's musical communities.

Out of all genres of music, LaSalle prefers jazz. "It's more of a community effort," he said.  "I prefer to stay in the background."

LaSalle hopes to complete the conducting track offered by the School of the Arts, and plans to accompany one of his fellow performers in a senior cabaret recital at the end of the spring semester.

After college, LaSalle would like to participate in the Teach for America program. He said that he would love to be able to teach math, physics, history or English and would even be interested in pursuing a career in social work.