Greek Corner: Anna’s ball

Now that the stressful recruitment period has come to a close, Geneseo Greek Life is back to work on campus planning Anna's Ball, a fundraiser for the charity adopted by the InterGreek Council in spring 2010.

For those who attended the Relay for Life last spring, the emotive speech from Geneseo alumnus Jeff McKinney may still be a resonant memory. McKinney spoke about his daughter, Anna, who fought a long battle with leukemia until she died at the age of five in January 2010.

After Anna's death, McKinney and his family founded the Anna's Wish Foundation. The charity raises funds to buy Christmas presents for youth cancer patients and their siblings. "Anna's wish" was to see other children happy, so the foundation exists to relieve the holiday stress for families caring for a child with cancer.

The large number of Greek organizations at Relay for Life last spring heard Anna's story and the effect was almost immediate. By the end of the semester, IGC had adopted Anna's Wish as its official philanthropy, and Anna's Ball was born.

Members of all the Greek organizations have come together in the last few months to plan, fundraise and organize the event. The ball will be winter-themed and will use Cinderella colors to honor Anna's love for princesses.

"It has been a challenge with everyone having different schedules and different obligations," said Sigma Kappa senior Emily Doyle, "but I think that in general it has brought people of different organizations together. For the most part, people are able to look past each other's letters and come together for a greater good."

Anna's Ball will take place on March 5 in Mary Jemison Dining Hall from 7 - 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by Greeks through Friday. If any tickets remain after the pre-sale, they will be available to the rest of the campus community. All profits will go directly to the Anna's Wish Foundation.