Geneseo Village Board hears farmer’s market proposal

On Jan. 24, the Geneseo Village Board met to consider a proposal that, if enacted, would introduce a farmer's market to the town.

The request has been brought to trustee Margaret Duff by local residents David Matthews, Cate Concannon and Dave Bojanowski. Duff reported to the Board that "[the residents] are moving forward with a great plan." According to meeting minutes, Matthews, Concannon and Bojanowski have narrowed their location choices to four spots. Their first pick is a spot near the Idle Hour on Center Street.

Proponents still need to iron out details including which types of vendors to involve and which days to open the market, but they have chosen about eight vendors so far. Bojanowski said that if the group cannot find the right number of vendors, the market might have to wait another year.

Duff reported that the group would need to purchase tents and hire a market manager, but that the market is intended to eventually be self-sustaining. The group also said it intends to hold events beginning in June that will run through the end of October.

The Village Board voted unanimously in favor of a farmer's market, and Matthews, Concannon and Bojanowski plan to appear at a future Board meeting to make their own presentation.