Hearts for Sammy makes a difference

This week, students from several organizations are joining together to promote awareness of congenital heart defects as part of a national effort leading up to Valentine's Day.

CHDs affect nearly 40,000 babies each year; there are many types of heart defects and several require medication or open heart surgery. The Geneseo drive has been titled "Hearts for Sammy" in honor of Samuel Louis Peguero, who died of a CHD in January at nine days old.

Hearts for Sammy has been selling snow globes, socks, dolls, glass roses, candy and other items to raise money for Children's HeartLink, a non-governmental organization that helps provide cardiac care for children with CHDs or acquired heart disease in nine underserved countries.

Students wishing to purchase an item or make a donation to the cause can do so on Friday from 11 – 5 p.m. in the Union. Hearts for Sammy will also host a Late Knight event from 10 p.m. to midnight on Friday where students can make Valentine's Day cards and gifts.

Hearts for Sammy is sponsored by Women's Leadership Institute, Geneseo Late Knight, Black Student Union and Minority Association of Pre-Health Students.