Who’s Who in the Arts? Anait Tamanian

Anait Tamanian, a junior International Relations and Spanish major graduating in 2011, bears the honor and responsibility of coordinating works of art to be displayed in the Kinetic Gallery.

Tamanian's tasks include scouting new artists, contacting them and bringing their work to Geneseo. "It's fun to form everything into a cohesive exhibit," she said with a wide smile.

She said she sees her work as a personal creative outlet as well as an opportunity to keep the visual arts alive in the face of budget cuts that led to the deactivation of the studio art program.

On Feb. 16, Tamanian will be unveiling a new exhibit featuring Carla Bartow, an emerging mixed-media artist from Rochester.

The exhibit will include a sequential display of Bartow's sketch books designed to give viewers a glimpse into the laborious processes involved in creating a masterpiece. To look at a finished piece of art, Tamanian said, "is not as personal as witnessing the artistic process. It's so much more interesting to see art in this way, to see the personality and human touch of an artist."

Tamanian hopes that these distinctive ways of exposing visual arts to the public can help retain a sense of creativity on the Geneseo campus. She hopes to continue giving audiences a new perspective by keeping the gallery stocked with fresh displays of artwork.

Tamanian was born in Russia and aspires to one day teach English in the developing world.