Athletes flock to GeneseOlympics

Some of Geneseo's most unlikely athletes assembled on Saturday for the GeneseOlympics, a day full of competition, hilarity and play.

The GeneseOlympics were the first event hosted by this year's Campus Round Table, a branch of Student Association's Inter-Residence Council that coordinates campus-wide events. CRT events are designed to be entertaining and fun; two words that accurately described the GeneseOlympics.

The GeneseOlympics was open to athletes of all skill levels. The official games were bracketed three-on-three basketball and six-on-six volleyball tournaments.

But it was the unconventional yet competitive activities in which athletes participated during their downtime that made the GeneseOlympics such a blast. For the first game, participants had to search for a piece of bubble gum engulfed in a plate of whipped cream, but with a catch: no hands allowed.

Following that messy match was a contest in which participants had to eat as many M&Ms as they could in one minute using only chopsticks. There was also a race too complex for explanation involving donuts and blindfolds. For those who enjoyed more familiar activities, there was a limbo line.

Freshman Dan Volk said he loved the surreal mix of intense volleyball matches and bizarre side activities. "The games are a blast and a great way to spend downtime in between matches," he said. At any given point during the day there were just as many people trying their hands at fast-paced M&M eating as there were players on the basketball court.

The future of the GeneseOlympics is bright. "We got a really great turnout so there is definitely a possibility for future games," said senior Ashley Tinney, campus relations coordinator for IRC.

"Whatever we do next semester, it will be even better," said Netta Admoni, Nassau Hall Council president and limbo-ist extraordinaire.