Who's Who in the Arts? Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson has been a Peace Corps volunteer, a beekeeper in Guatemala and for the last decade, a professor of painting and drawing at Geneseo. His works of art are influenced by themes from Greek mythology as well as different aspects of human nature, and they have been exhibited nationally.

As a professor, Anderson's work is now focused not only on his students, but also on lowering the cost of teaching art at Geneseo because of the numerous budget cuts which led to the deactivation of the studio art major.

While Anderson admitted that the future of the program "may be grim," he said that there is still hope for studio art. He is currently working with Jonathan Gonder, the Dean of the School of the Arts, to find ways to alter the program to make it more cost-effective so it will not be entirely discontinued.

"The irony of taking the art out of liberal arts is not lost on students or the community," Anderson said. He urged disheartened students not to give up just yet. "One of the problems with these kinds of situations is that over time outrage softens to disappointment and then to resignation."

"In the end, the college and community are left less interesting, less creative, less diverse, less human and more culturally standardized," Anderson said.

Anderson encouraged attendance at an upcoming event planned by the group of students who operate the "Save SUNY Geneseo Art" Facebook group. Muddy Waters coffee house will feature artwork by Geneseo students and faculty on Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. The event will also feature local musicians, petitions and dialogue. Free "SAVE ART" T-shirts will be handed out to those who attend.