Transfer student easily finds comfort, excitement at Geneseo

The new year has brought a fresh semester and with it a new group of transfer students joining the Geneseo student body. Among these transfers is freshman Jenny Keller.

After graduating from The Wheatley School on Long Island Keller studied for one semester at Hofstra University, also on Long Island. She was a commuter student and had a tough time getting a feel for the campus vibe and getting involved in activities, not to mention the hassle of parking.

Keller had been accepted as a deferred admit for the spring 2011 semester at Geneseo. "My mind set was always on Geneseo," she said. "I attended Hofstra knowing I would [transfer here]." Keller is now beginning her studies as a psychology major.

Coming to a new community can be a difficult task. When incoming freshmen arrive each fall, they have huge support networks available to them. When transfers start in the spring semester, there are fewer opportunities to meet students who are experiencing the same situation. "At first," Keller said, "I had to work my way in. I felt that [students] had to accept me. I waited to be accepted by others." Now that she has been here for a few weeks, Keller says she feels much more integrated into the student body.

Keller shares a suite with five sophomores, a potentially intimidating situation for a freshman transfer student, but she says she has come to love her living situation and enjoys the experience. She is very close with her suitemates and regularly socializes with them. "They are almost like mentors," she said.

Keller said she is loving her experience here so far and has already started getting involved in campus organizations. Keller is also very passionate about her academic work and has grown fond of her abnormal psychology class. She said she likes how multidimensional the course is and finds it extremely interesting because of topics that are covered.

True to new student form and quickly picking up on student life, Keller has already developed opinions on which dining hall is better – she prefers Letchworth to Red Jacket.