Summer 2010 Concerts: Dave Matthews upholds legacy

June 28, 2010 in Hartford, Conn.

Since 1990, Dave Matthews Band has been jamming on the stage, and they did just that on June 28 at Comcast Theater in Hartford, Conn.

Never becoming a darling of the media spotlight but always selling out concerts and producing chart-topping hits, Dave Matthews Band has become one of the most transcendent groups of our generation.

For fans, a Dave Matthews Band performance is so much more than a concert. It's an experience like no other: immersion in sensational music around others just as passionate about that music.

When Dave Matthews sang "Rain, rain, rain down on me," not a single spectator could have cared if the skies opened and drenched them all. Thunderous applause and screams erupted from every direction as the band started jamming. As red and white lights engulfed the stage Matthews danced around with his acoustic guitar, Carter Beauford tore up the drums and Boyd Tinsley never made a violin look so cool.

The set list was largely comprised of songs from their most recent, Grammy-nominated album Big Whiskey and the Groo-Grux King including "Seven," "Spaceman," "Funny the Way It Is," "Shake Me Like a Monkey," and "You and Me." Additionally, the band played fan favorites "Satellite," "Grey Street," "Dancing Nancies" and "Too Much." They closed with possibly the most recognizable DMB song "Ants Marching."

As the concert's end neared, the audience naturally burst into applause and requested encores. Waiting to hear which songs would be played, the crowd shouted out speculation and hopes, and then they reappeared, delighting the audience with two more songs: "Wait for It" and "You Might Die Trying," The audience reluctantly accepted the end, but will no doubt be return for more.