Film Review: Burleseque the choice for a fun-filled romp

Burlesque opens much like the career of its star, Christina Aguilera: An innocent, small-town girl with a powerful voice dreams of making it in Hollywood.

Aguilera’s character, Ali, is stuck in rural Iowa counting tips from her waitressing job. Ali isn’t content to spend her whole life in one town, so she takes what money she has and boards a train to Los Angeles.

With a new apartment and the classifieds in hand, Ali sets out to find a job. At the end of a disappointing day of searching, she comes upon the Burlesque Lounge and is instantly mesmerized. Though Ali begs, club owner Tess (the legendary Cher) refuses to give her a job on the stage. Fortunately, Jack (Cam Gigandet), the bartender with a nonexistent fiancé, offers Ali a job as a waitress. With this opportunity Ali is thrust into a new world, and with it comes a whole group of new and interesting characters.

Tess’s stressed business partner and ex-husband is played by The O.C.’s Peter Gallagher. Kristen Bell plays Nikki, a diva whose talent doesn’t warrant her attitude and who can’t seem to get her act together. Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane is Marcus, a real estate developer and chronic player who tries to pull Ali in his direction, much to the dismay of everyone else.

It’s Stanley Tucci who steals the show, however, as Sean. The role is similar to that of Nigel in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada. His one-liners and sage advice prove to be the most entertaining throughout the movie.

Things aren’t as good as they seem at the Burlesque Lounge, however, and the club’s success seems to be at its end. The revelation of Ali’s talent might be just in time to keep it alive.

Ali’s movement from waitress to singer to showstopper is quite entertaining to watch. Aguilera reminds us all that her voice is to be reckoned with. At the same time, Cher assures us that we haven’t seen the last of her; she still has the same talent and charisma that first made her famous so many years ago.

Burlesque’s excellence comes from humorous one-liners, recognizable characters, brilliant scenery, show-stopping music and the power of two iconic stars. If you’re looking for an entertaining and fun movie this winter break, Burlesque is exactly what you need.