Who's Who in the Arts? Joe Targia

It's not always fun and games being the music director of WGSU, Geneseo's radio station. Just ask junior Joe Targia. Deciding what songs to play on the radio? Opening boxes full of free CDs every week? Going to awesome house shows all the time? Playing the musical saw? Let's be honest, the job sounds like a lot of hard work.

Running the station may be hard at times, but fun and games are abound. For someone who hadn't thought all that much about being on the radio before coming to Geneseo, Targia doesn't seem to be complaining.

"Everyone I've ever met on WGSU shares a common love of music," Targia said. "We don't all like the same stuff, but we all like it in the same way, and it's really an implicit bond. I'm generally way too shy of a person for something like a radio show, but everyone was so inviting and genuine that I joined my first week here. Needless to say, they got me hooked."

Since then, Targia's responsibilities associated with the station have certainly increased. But then again, so have the perks. In addition to trying to keep suppliers happy enough to send more free CDs to the station, Targia organizes weekly music staff meetings at which students can come and take an album home over the weekend to review. He says that when it comes to his own taste in music, "If it's new and original and an authentic product of the artist's passion, I'll probably enjoy it."

As it turns out, a music director's job doesn't end on the weekends; it just gets even better. "Most of my house show experiences have been more memorable and rewarding than huge festival headliners I've seen. The authenticity and intimateness is really an incomparable experience," Targia said.

"Geneseo has built up a bit of a reputation as a great place to play, because we'll crowd up in a basement and dance all night long."