“Crossed Fixed Points” showcases both traditional and modern styles with flair

The Geneseo Dance Ensemble will celebrate its 85th dance recital this weekend with "Crossing Fixed Points," a show featuring the original choreography of students, faculty and guest artists. The performance will be held in Alice Austin Theatre on Dec. 9 - 11 at 8 p.m., and on Dec. 12 at 2 p.m.

Student assistant director and senior Elizabeth Doyle explained that the show's title has multiple meanings. "On a literal level, we cross physical points in space while we dance, and on a metaphorical level, many pieces in the show are concerned with encountering with what could be perceived as boundaries and moving past them, crossing a threshold that may at first seem impassable," she said.

Doyle, who is also one of several student choreographers, will present "Kittiene (We Are Here)," a piece that was inspired by her recent study abroad trip to Tanzania. Contrasting traditional Maasai dance movements with contemporary dance, the piece "explore[s] what makes us unique and different and beautiful while trying to capture our ability to connect to one another as human beings," she said.

Other student works stem from experiences both close to home and far away. Senior Megan Argetsinger's "Mirage" is a religious piece with a modern twist. It follows a Christian's struggle to maintain a close relationship with God in a world where doing so proves to be increasingly difficult.

Senior Jillian DeGironimo will present "The Bridge," an incredibly poignant modern dance about staying close to loved ones, even after they've passed away. "I really feel my artistry took off in my years at Geneseo," said DeGironimo, the show's other student assistant director. "I have learned that true movement stems from human emotion. Without that, you're just going through the motions."

Inspired by a summer abroad in Paris, sophomore Allison Bohman's "Love is Us" is presented in the style of contemporary ballet. The dance recounts the emotional search for love and human connection.

Jonette Lancos, artistic director and professor of dance at Geneseo, will stage a piece that was also inspired by her travels abroad, "Mexico Daydreamers." Lancos directs two performances: "Heaven's Above" with the dance composition and dance kinesiology classes, and "Ball Dance" with the Geneseo Dance Ensemble.

Two School of the Arts alumni, Kylee Pike Fassle '04 and Heather Acomb '05, have returned to Geneseo to choreograph new works for their alma mater. Fassle's "Funny Heartache" is a lively jazz piece and Acomb, a recent addition to the dance program faculty and the show's associate director, presents "Elviae, Maria, Rietta and Bird," a playful dance named for four daring tightrope walkers.

The ensemble performance concludes with Bill Evan's "Yes, Indeed!" a lively and humorous tap dance. Evans is a world-renowned dancer and a visiting professor of dance at SUNY Brockport.

Tickets for the show are $7 and are available at the Brodie Box Office or online at bbo.geneseo.edu.